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Secrets to Serving up

A Visual Feast of  Daily Inspirations

In Your Home or Office That Cater to

Your Unique Tastes and Interests,

Giving Your Soul Nourishment for Tomorrow

And Sweet Memories of Yesterday


If inspiring images—whether photos, paintings or a shadowboxed hockey jersey—uplift you; while white walls make you “ill”… you won't want to miss an issue of  Inspirations Framed—a newsletter for lovers of visual delights.


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All we ask is that you accept this free subscription to Inspirations Framed. No, this isn’t a flyer. We won’t be filling your mailbox with “buy this” ads… instead we’ll be sending you:


·         Trade secrets to decorating your home, positioning your pictures, taking photos, painting beautiful portraits, drawing exceptional sketches and other tips… to help you transform your surroundings into a reflection of what motivates and inspires you.


·         Features on artisans and collectors from Perth County. Articles that share the inspiration behind their work.


·         Upcoming events of interest to the visually minded and reviews of past exhibitions, showcases and demonstrations.


·         An Inspiration Framed. We’ll regularly feature customers who had a picture or memento framed or shadowboxed. Discover what makes their treasures special and get ideas for your own collection. And if you have a story for us, we’d love to hear about it.


·         Access to the Inspirations Framed website… Here you’ll discover a growing library of resources on framing, shadowboxes, visual art and collectibles. Plus all the back issues to Inspirations Framed. As well, the home page features the current An Inspiration Framed.


And, as a subscriber to Inspirations Framed, you’ll receive exclusive offers and discounts… Yes, that’s on top of the $10 discount you’ll receive as soon as you complete the brief survey below.


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